Thursday, July 06, 2006

Desperate fathers are selfish idiots.

A couple of disenfranchised fathers had a go at Wimbledon, and a spokeswoman said: "It will be a shame if the antics of a few selfish idiots were to ruin it for everyone else." Aw, the poor spectators, eh? For a few seconds their fun, strawberries and view of Sir Cliff Richard(*) in a pink jacket, get interrupted by a couple of men who want to see their children (one had been in court 21 times). They must be such horribly, horribly selfish idiots, don't you think? It's typical, though, any father who wants to see his children after divorce is automatically a selfish idiot, either that or a no-good layabout, a deadbeat, a walking wallet, nothing more than a sperm donor, anything but a good man who wants his children to know him. That'd be just too much, they're scum, after all.

This "selfish idiots" line was reported in at least: The Guardian (UK), Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, Reuters, The Sun (UK), Qatar (!), inthenews, The Guardian (UK, yes, twice), The Times (UK), The Guardian (3 times!), New Zealand (different site, and another), Ireland again, India,

In the Times, they claim they didn't have any advance knowledge of the stunt, in the Sun the cops say they did. Well, which is it boys? Of course, in reaction, they're going overboard with talk of further paranoid security measures.

Well Ms Un-named "Spokeswoman" for Wimbledon, I think you're an officious moron, but I don't suppose all those news sources will publish my opinion. Sigh.

(*) Possibly the world's worst pop star ever, although I reserve the right to pick on Barry Manilow too.

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invisibledad said...

If a business partner tries to destroy your business, the law will protect you and punish the saboteur. Likewise, if a stranger takes your children away, the law will see the villian incarcerated for 20 years. However, when both crimes are perpetrated by someone who has additionally sworn to love and protect you through sickness and health until death, this is when the law stands on its head and, for reasons beyond my comprehension, happily turns villians into heroes and heroes into villians. Demonization is a prerequisite for those who advocate injustice. Always has been. Always will be.

Captain Zarmband said...

Tennis is the world's biggest bore anyway so who cares what that wimbledon Feminist moron says? The men who carried out their protest are bringing to the public's attention a national scandal and one which is condoned by government, the law and the feminised media. Good on 'em I say. By the way I haven't seen my kids for six years despite going through the currupt courts system to try and maintain contact. Does anyone they hell. Does anyone care that my kids' minds have been poisoned by their selfish mother....nope. Will the government care if I'm late with one maintenance payment...bloody right they are. Men need to wake up. You may think this will not happen to you, I thought that too. It's about a 50/50 chance if you're married. Not good odds are they?