Friday, August 11, 2006

DesertLight Journal loses the plot.

I'm disappointed with DesertLight Journal. Trudy Schuett makes some valid points about the probable futility of John Murtari's hunger strike over his combined disenfranchisement from his son, impoverishment and incarceration. Nevertheless, many will recognize his desperation and will realize that, for him personally, it may well be that there is no option. I don't buy the argument that a father who doesn't look after his own health as being "irresponsible". The system all too often reduces him to a financial, physical and emotional wreck already, fighting it at all leaves you open to that criticism. "You're going to lose anyway, why fight it." Sheesh. And who is to tell any parent how to be responsible when it comes to defending their own child? Leave it out Trudy, it's not like you're ever going to suffer anything similar after all, at least respect the man for fighting the fight as he sees fit instead of rolling over and donning the yoke as so many men do.

Finally: the comparison with Irish protesters is simply insulting.

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invisibledad said...

I hope he doesn't wind up starving himself to death. At the same time, I think such actions are quite understandable. Year after year, we continue to watch life after life chewed up by these abominable systems of so-called "family law." In desperation, we send some of what we manage to keep to impotent organizations who promise to bring change. Yet, all-in-all, very little seems to change. Those who refuse to accept the terms of the situation, those who are willing to fight these nefarious systems, have my respect, admiration and gratitude.