Thursday, October 20, 2005

ACFC Billboard

The American Coalition for Fathers and Children has an excellent billboard campaign:

As the Divorce and Child Custody blog puts it:

"A group of concerned parents came forward and asked ACFC to assist them with this task. Those parents were afraid of retaliation if they acted on their own, so we are doing this together."

What is the world coming to if parents are afraid of acting in what they consider are the best interests of children?


One man said...

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Anonymous said...


My name is Vinayak

I just happened to visit your blog

Your blog is amazingly clear and well written. Please accept my appreciation

Mariage and Divorce are becomming a misery

Child support is becomming an industry

Men are being bankrupted - across the globe

Divorce is NO LONGER an American or western phenomenon. It is universal. Child support favoring the mom, loosing most of your assets to your wife *and* the magic domestic violence bills are also becoming universal !!

I read that divorces are soaring in China

In Japan women are just waiting for their husbands to retire so that they can divorce them !! and get a good share of their retirement money !! "..till pay day - do - us - part..." :-((

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"......"Women are almost always the instigators of divorce in middle-aged couples. There are many housewives who wait until their husbands have received their retirement pay before they ask for a divorce. At the moment, there are loads of these women just waiting for their husbands to retire," Divorce consultant Hiromi Ikeuchi tells Shukan Post........"

Divorce taking deadly toll on senior men


India Just now passed a domestic violence act, which I guess is on the same lines as the one killing the American War Veterans and killing American Families

Just a hint of domestic violence will land the husband in jail in the ORIENT !! as well

I can see India going the same way - i.e. Childless partners living together - OUTSIDE marriage

Birth rates are falling

War returnees are being sued for child support payment and sometimes jailed

God save us all !!


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