Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A flurry of interesting articles today...

... mostly from the UK:

The Times identifies marriage & divorce in the UK developing into a "gold digger's charter".

Still in the UK, a knife to the chest is the favored way to deal with a husband or boyfriend who upsets a woman in both southeast England and Wales. Both men died. In neither case was violence against the woman an issue, in the latter the perpetrator got off with a sympathetic word from the judge, in the former, all he'd done was call her the wrong name and it remains to be seen how stern a talking to she might get. (Both of these articles come from the BBC, and I am interested to note that the underground railroad observes an apparent ban on pro-men speech there. Interesting, for supposedly the world's most reliable news source.)

In a novel move for them, the Guardian (again the UK) publishes an article giving positive news for fathers. 'Seems that they're going to get the right to six months unpaid paternity leave to make them feel more responsible parents. Well, I guess we shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, but one has to wonder if the more likely result might be a lot of good fathers being made to feel guilty because they can't afford to take those six months off (not to mention giving their potential future ex wives one more thing to moan about in the divorce proceedings and one more excuse for the judge to come down on him). Every silver lining has its cloud...

Back on the other side of the Atlantic and halfway across the Pacific, the Honolulu Starbulletin observes it's the boys who're getting shafted as the girls trip to high grades and good healthcare.

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