Friday, December 09, 2005

He cut off the baby's leg with an axe

Following on from my post before last, do we suppose that a 21-year-old father who attempted murder of his 20 month old son and succeeded in cutting off his leg with an axe would be "helped" into court by detectives? Do you suppose he'd be held in a church-run psychiatric home? Do you suppose the police would have shown him "great compassion"? Do you suppose he'd be kept on remand in a secure hospital rather than in prison?

Nah, I think he'd be "escorted" into court, locked in a cell while he's waiting, and compassion? Does one show child-killers compassion, attempted or successful?

Yes, one does in Australia, if they're female.

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Iguana said...

There are constantly stories like that in Washington State. Whenever a woman kills here, there are dramatic newspaper articles about how all the pressures in her life sent her into a state of psychological disarray. She's always a victim.

Just recently, an alcoholic woman who killed her children by not feeding them - yes, starved these poor kids to death - was excused from standing trial because she was found to be incompetent.

Another woman killed her son by driving her car into oncoming traffic intentionally. She lived. The boy died. Yet another case of a woman treated like a helpless victim.

Put a man in either of those circumstances and they'd be well down the path of conviction and rightfully villified.

You'd think these things would change, since the rad fems have their women in all of the political positions of power in the state. But, no, they only make it worse because they get into office by playing the victimhood card with women in the state and fooling enough men into believing that it is somehow progressive and enlightened to vote for them.

Meanwhile, 20% of WA states highschool boys drop out before graduating. Now, with the new version of VAWA, we'll expect that to go up to 30%, since boys will be accused of being date rapist simply because they are boys.

Maybe people were actually more enlightened 100 years ago when they kept women out of politics. It would be nice to think that isn't true and that you could expect real leaders from among women, but so far, that hasn't much been the case. Real leaders do not focus on victimhood and appeal to the worst self-pittying instincts of people. They inspire.

Thatcher had it, regardless of what you thought of her politics. No wonder gender feminists hate her so much.