Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Reality takes a vacation in Michigan

This is one of those stories which has me breathless with incomprehension and outrage. It gets all the way to state supreme court where the biological father of a 7 year old child, whom he has parented for more than the first 4 years of life, is denied legal recognition of his fatherhood because the mother happened to conceive before she had divorced her former husband. The mother has spent three years and presumably a fortune obstructing this man's contact with his own child. What is wrong with her? The supreme court's decision effectively prevents him from ever seeking custody and parental rights. What is wrong with them?

It is not that the father is not to be granted custody nor that he is not to have visitation - he cannot even ask. How can there possibly be another side to this story? It is grotesque and disgusting travesty of justice. It is mind-numbing.

Can we imagine doing this to a mother?

And here's another case where two fathers (one biological, one step-) have to fight for recognition and shoulders are shrugged at the mother's duplicitous behavior.

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