Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cathy Young Reasons with us.

Cathy Young headlines in the print edition of Reason magazine with a very balanced column on parental alienation. It's rare that I can find nothing much to argue with in a piece on this topic, but I can only quibble with Cathy to the extent that I think she underestimates the partisan motivations of almost all of parental alienation syndrome's critics. Very few of them seem to be capable to recognizing that children can be and are alienated from perfectly good parents by manipulative and unscrupulous others.

We know it exists, so why do so many insist that it doesn't? Because they have a vested interest in having us believe a lie, much as do alienating parents.

What Cathy does very well is show how many emotive and superficially obvious cases are actually much more complicated and difficult than usually meets the public eye. Indeed, there are alienating parents and false accusers out there who will spend large chunks of their lives working on peddling their stories even while the children grow up and try to tell a deaf world what really happened, often not to be heard as the media and politics combine to ignore them.

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