Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Thank you, the London Times, thank you very much.

Of all the filthy innuendos. A letter bomb goes off (one person with minor injuries) in an unpopular business in London and what does the London Times have to say? "Police believe that the device may be the work of a single issue group, such as a fathers’ rights organisation..."

Thank you very much, The London Times. With no evidence WHATSOEVER you feel the need to malign men who want something to do with their children. Assuming some ignorant cop actually originated the idea in a fit of prejudiced stupidity, did you have to pass it on to the rest of us? Given a plenty long list of other groups of people with axes to grind, you had to pick on disenfranchised fathers. You outrageous, poisonous bastards.

In the stratospherically unlikely event that it was a fathers' rights group, I'll happily withdraw this item and join in the condemnation. The last thing we need is some nutcase fringe group screwing up what tiny chances we have, especially since the likes of the Times are so willing to join in the torment. If it turns out not to be, will fathers' rights workers get an apology from the Times? Yeah, right.

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Anonymous said...

This the least of the sordid slurs and disinformation which have been peddled in the British media.

Getting them to account for any of it - still less publish a correction - is like driving a pig to market.

Myself and a few others have worked hard to try to counter this, but there is such a torrent of it that you scarcely know where to begin.

I've launched a website which is devoted, in part, to fisking journalists and commentators, but have only recently found the motivation to embark on what is a herculean task. See, for example, this, about a piece published in The Times last year.

Anyway, I enjoyed your rant. Like the blog too. I only recently found it, but I've subscribed to the feed and hope to drop in from time to time. I'll link to as well, as soon as I get around to implementing a blogroll.