Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What's sauce for the gander, is sauce for the goose.

Cat fight!

Two lesbian moms, one baby boy, one adoption, one breakup, one lesbian mom takes unheard of step of obstructing contact (nope, that never happens, no, uh-uh, not nohow) between other mom and her adopted child. Lesbian ex-mom sues for shared custody. Lesbian mom becomes ex-lesbian mom. Ex-lesbian mom sues for adoption to be quashed. Lesbian community grinds righteous ax for ex-lesbian mom. Ex-lesbian mom gets all defensive. Ex-lesbian mom makes ludicrous arguments trying to defend her spiteful behavior.

This disenfranchised father wonders why it takes lesbians to expose the kind of abuses ordinary mothers are allowed to perpetrate every day.


Unknown said...

Well, sir, to answer your first question, the press is not very bright, and most events get put into very simple boxes. Right= greedy, Left=caring, Man=bad, Woman=good. This event doesn't fit into any ready made boxes, and so the press has to think and report for once.
As to your pain, I think Kipling said it best with his poem, "The Vampire". "A fool there was who made his prayer, even as you and I, to a rag, and a bone, and a hank of hair(We called her the woman who did not care) but the fool he called her his lady fair, even as you and I." As to comfort, I can't offer that, but you might see yourself in "The Sons of Martha" or "If"; also by Kipling. You must be strong, and good. You never know when your children are watching from afar....

Anonymous said...

The problem is huge. And it's amazing how smugly righteous people just don't want to face the problem. Perhaps reviewing the fiasco of the Duke Hoax might provide useful context for what's going on here. Check out durhamwonderland.blogspot.com