Friday, May 11, 2007

Parental alienators in sheep's clothing

Conceptual challenge for the day: Those who would argue against parental alienation on the basis that it is used by abusive parents to gain control of children in divorce proceedings are actually themselves of that abusive type. They are like double agents. Which side are they actually on? If they can convince the world that parental alienation does not exist, they can practice it as much as they like. They are like the child sexual abusers who claim that because they can groom the children into what they say is willing participation, then the children are making some sort of informed choice and they should be allowed to do what they do. Charming, eh?

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JQ75 said...

That line of thinking could easily be generalized into "the apologist's guilt". For those who make up excuses for the decline in our society are helping it's decline.

The apologists for single parenting and for sole custody are doing severe damage to parenting rights very much akin to PAS. It could be viewed as a spectrum from PAS (aggressive denial of parent) to visitation (an insidious precursor to PAS like behavior).

There are far too many in sheep's clothing today.