Friday, July 06, 2007


These fathers' rights blogs seem to come and go. I myself find that I have periods where I just can't seem to write anything. Nothing has changed, and that's not much of a blog post "nothing has changed". Other parts of life roll along, as they ever do, and mere existence becomes the distraction. This too, is how fathers end up "losing touch". It doesn't matter how hard they fight, or don't fight. Nothing changes, so they sleepwalk into another life and out of their children's.

Sleepwalking, indeed, is the only thing to keep one going, after a while. Being awake, after all, just means knowing what is going on, knowing what has happened and hurting over not being able to do anything. Better to sleep through the day, do what has to be done at the time. 'Rather plays havoc on one's longer term view, though. But now that longer term no longer includes those who would have motivated it, so what the hey.

If my kid were here, I might have something to tell you about. But he isn't and I don't.


Resident M. Turdstile said...

Anyone who gets married and has children these days is a fool.

Despite women's liberation, men are still expected to take the initiative in relationships. All that a man has to do is not take the initiative, and the marriage strike continues.

This is why men don't garner much sympathy: the sheer energy and deliberate effort that it takes to get involved, get married and have children makes it impossible to believe their troubles could be anyone else's fault.

Anonymous said...

I'll leave you a comment ;) This is the only blog I've read, but I have 2 stepsons that I rarely see. The last time I saw the youngest he stayed the night and gave my daughter Scarlet Fever. Not a good week. I do feel bad for all of you men out there, single or married, because women expect you to be able to read their mind, make decisions without them, and help around the house - and when you do, all we do is complain because you can't see into our complicated brain, you made a decision without consulting us, and you folded the towels wrong or put the dishes in the wrong cabinet. I wouldn't want to be married to a woman :P And, child support and attempting to half raise a child who is only with you half of the time or less is next to impossible. Most women are bitter and will either badmouth you to the kids or encourage behavior that you don't approve of just to piss you off.

I really have no reason for why they do it, and I'd like to hope that I wouldn't be that way if something were to happen between my hubby and I, but the truth is, the more time I spend with him, the more I have to lose if we split up. I've spent years cleaning up after him, feeding him, bonding with him, and the intense burning fury I would feel if I thought that it was all wasted time tells me otherwise. I wish you the best in your fight with child support, custody, visitation, or whatever other hell you might be forced to deal with..



Anonymous said...

cnn: Florida man owes $10,000 for child who's not his