Friday, November 23, 2007

Fathers in Britain Have no Rights.

That's all there is to it guys. You've been sold up river. Congratulations, the mothers of your children no longer have to give you the time of day. They can do whatever they want with your kids, they don't have to ask you, they don't even have to tell you. They can have your sons and daughters and put them up for adoption for the sheer thrill of using your DNA to get pregnant and pop a sprog. Your country can fill up with your fatherless children while you wander around like a bunch of clueless morons.

Right now, I'm not sure if there's anything stopping a married mother from doing that while you, dad, sit there and watch, helpless to prevent it.

What am I talking about? Well, as if one loud-mouthed journalist wasn't enough publicly excoriating fathers in the newspaper of record (yes, that's right, the London Times now publishes grotesquely bigoted, nearly psychotic anti-father screed to keep the masses entertained), the highest courts in the land now say that if your partner wants to have your kid and give it away for adoption, she doesn't have to tell you.

Did you get that?

I don't mean that if your girlfriend gets pregnant, she can get an abortion and not let you know. That might be at least vaguely comprehensible given the defensible idea that she should be able to decide what she does with her body insofar as it doesn't harm another (depending, of course, on whether you think a fetus is "another").

No, I mean that she can take your baby to term, give birth and give your child away without you ever being the slightest the wiser.

Legally speaking, therefore, I honestly do not know what there is to stop your missus, mister married father-of-three, from putting all of the little cupcakes and snowflakes up for adoption without your consent, nor even knowledge, until all is said and done.

Say goodbye, if she lets you.

(And don't give me that line "she'd never do something like that". If she can, some mother will, somewhere. Just wait. Legally sanctioned evil is a very powerful and tempting force for the sufficiently spiteful. And let's not forget that classic fighting-words line "do what I say or you'll never see the kids again!"(*) Now she's got yet another way of making that actually happen, chum.)

Let's look at the case in question. The girl (I refuse to call her a woman) gets pregnant, then wants to have the kid, but also wants it adopted at birth. She doesn't want mom and pop to know, nor the father. A legal guardian and the local authority applied to the court to tell the parents and father. The court so ordered, but the appeals court reversed.

One judge, the unladylike unjust Lady Justice Arden, said the father's rights had not been violated because he did not have any to violate.

Could it be any clearer than that? The father of a now 19 week old child has no rights. None. Zip. Nada. Not even to be told.

How evil is that? It was Remembrance Day recently, wouldn't your own fathers be proud? Your country is now one big zipless fuck. She can do what she wants, and you have no say, all you have to do is provide the dick and I'm sure it won't be long before that becomes unnecessary too. If this is what women's rights are all about, then I am a full-on, dyed-in-the-wool, proudly unrepentant, male chauvinist boar.

Britain, you used to be a great nation. What in good God's name happened?

(*) My ex said (well, barely-coherently screamed) pretty much exactly that to me on one occasion. I said something like "don't be ridiculous" and laughed - I had little doubt that she might try if the anger took her, which it did and she did, but also thought that "family courts" and "the law" were there to prevent such a thing, which they clearly aren't. Do I feel betrayed? What the hell do you think?


Anonymous said...

I doubt anything I have to say will allay any of these problems facing men today, but I thought I should at least leave a note.

I am a woman. I feel powerless because I would love to change the situation somehow, in some way, but do not know how to, or do not know what tools I can use or any voice that I have over this kind of unfairness.

Yet I am sure this is NOTHING compared to how men must feel at the moment.

I feel powerless but technically I know that I am supposed to have power because of my gender. In a way that makes me feel worse. This "power" is in the hands of nobody except those profiting from the lies. I can see no profit from them, nor do I see gain.

I blog. That is all I can do. I am not even sure if it will help!

Anyway, keep blogging, people ARE listening, and not all of them are men - women also support you. Bring back fairness. Please.

Kelvin said...

Whats worst is that in my Canadian university, they still pose the question of "why are women being oppressed from political freedom" I tried arguing that single fathers no longer has any rights, and men's rights are constantly being threatened by the modern society and the reply I got from that finally made me snap and change my field of study.

"You are ignorant for thinking that men's rights are being threatened. I wasn't aware men had any danger posed to them in this patriarchal society, but women are the sex in need of help."

Nuff' said, I'm never fighting in that field again.

Nemezide said...

Here in Lithuania it's different. Dads have rights.
I actually read one court case where they awarded child custody to the Father because the child had expressed unreasonable fear of him and reluctance to stay at Dad's place.
Facts presented in the case showed that Mommy Dearest was telling the kid some vile lies about Dad, and making the kid scared of his own parent.
Court decided it was against the child's best interest to be lied to and to be made to lose his father like that.

Maybe you guys, I mean all the single dads in Britain, should go to that human rights court in Strasbourg? Or did that already happen? Comments like that "Lady Justice" uttered might earn you some real justice for a change...

Anonymous said...

Hindsight in the USA has taught me that when the strident demands for action include "the children" or "womens rights" or any other "defenseless" group, hang on to your wallet and watch your rights. It sickens me to see men, regardless of race, diminished. There is a new push in the minds of several men I know. As we become aware of the manipulation, we are pushing back. There is no pass for poor behavior by the women in or groups, nor do we allow any intimidation by shaming tactics. Social pressure created this garbage we call law, and the same will remove it. It requires changes on a personal level as well as public ridicule of bad behavior.