Friday, June 06, 2008

A couple of comments

To one who asks if I don't think my experiences make me a better person: if they have, the price was too high.

To the custodial father who thinks it's OK that his ex wife has no custodial nor visitation rights, who thinks he feels my pain. You haven't a goddamned clue.


Captain MRA said...


I've just came across your blog for the first time. I'm not a dad so I haven't been through anything like you have from the little I have read so far on your blog. I certainly hope that your situation gets better.

As a man I have experienced my fair share of other types of misandry.

I was just looking at your blog roll and (I hope you don't mind) I added some to my own blog site - there's some pretty interesting sites/blogs that I've never come across before. I also notice you have been blogging here since as far back as 2005. Fantastic! I had a quick glance at some and was very interested. I will have a good look through your archives one evening - it will be fascinating.

All the best.

Dean Esmay said...

I've just begun to come to grips with my divorce and my separation from my kids. The pain is intense. I wish I knew what the hell to do with myself.

Anonymous said...

WOW. I just happened to come across your website today, and will definately be going back into your archives for a read.

I am a joint-custodial father, who hasn't seen his daughter since her sixth birthday, when her mother decided it was time to disappear.
This Dec she will be 13. It is strange to post something like this in a comment, but I just wanted you to understand why I feel the need to read your blog.
I'm sure I will be commenting again soon enough.

Anonymous said...

It's frickin 2:30 am where I am and I just got to your site and now got to go to bed. Will be back for more visits. Have bookmarked you, am an alienated father w/ a kick-ass 2nd wife, and will be going to court shortly for more custody of my kids--not just hers--but mine. Damn that's hard to remember sometimes. Mine, they're mine, too.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and it really strikes a chord with me. My partner is divorced and sees his kids every other weekend. Thankfully, he and his ex have a good relationship with each other that definitely helps lessen the impact of the separation on the kids. Even so, seeing how much he loves his children and how infrequently he sees them breaks my heart every day; I can only imagine how much pain he and all the other divorced dads are going through.

The other thing that hit me hard was your "how to talk to a disenfranchised father" post, especially the parts about loss of trust. All I can do is be there for him and support him, but I will be entering law school shortly and you'd better believe that I'll be taking this cause with me.

Most of the commenters here are men. This is a note from a woman who supports you. Please stay strong.

apercu said...

I just clicked over from Violent Acres. I was divorced in 2002 and saw my two daughters a lot the first few months. Then their mom moved to NY and work took me across the country. We initially talked every day on the phone and I'd see H & M every few months, but then she remarried. Now, no phone calls, no answer when I call, no response to emails. When will I see my girls again? I don't know, and it's killing me.

I have remarried and we have a 7 month old. H & M saw her when she was a month old. It breaks my heart that they are not a part of her life.

Anyway, thanks for the site. I'll be back.