Friday, December 12, 2008

A father is supposed to sacrifice himself for his children and their mother...

... but she isn't supposed to wield the knife.

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Anonymous said...


Do not give up!!!
I gave up for a couple of years, thinking that appeasing ex-spouse will bring her back to normalcy. I wasted 2 years.
I went back to the authorities. I fought on, ignored those who tried to discourage me, those who were angry at me for fighting for my children's rights, those who wanted me to wallow in inertia.
A judge has finally ruled for enforcement of my rights. I cried in the court room. Finally someone saw that as a human being I feel for my children, someone saw me other than a monster.
I understand that this is but the first salvo in a long battle to get to see my children, but I am determined to press on.
I posted here a while ago. I will keep you informed. Your blog is part of what helps keep the fire. May you be blessed and may ALL the obstacles obstructing the bond with your child(ren) be removed forever.