Monday, February 14, 2011

The tree and the wall

Trying to raise a child while keeping him or her away from the other parent for reasons which have nothing to do with that parent's ability to help raise the child is like trying to grow a tree next to a wall which is buried deep in the ground. The tree gets only half the nutrients it needs. It will inevitably struggle and will probably end up stunted. We can only hope that eventually it will grow strong enough to slowly knock your wall down and take what it needs for itself. But it should not have to. In the end, all you have done is cause it pain.


Daddy said...

This Daddy is 6'8 tall - I have hope for my son!

Welcome back, by the way.

ZenTiger said...

Nothing to say right now but thought I'd leave a note, since you asked.

I am fortunate to remain happily married and with my family, and treasure this. I read blogs such as yours to remind me I must play at least some small part in helping fathers be a part of their kids life, because I can think of few things more important in the great scheme of things.

Houston said...

That is a beautifully sad analogy. And one would hope that a parent cares more about a child than a gardener her tree. Do these children really grow strong enough to knock down the wall, or is it too much a part of their identity? I have read conflicting opinions

Anonymous said...

I like the Tree and the Wall analogy. Spot on. Why mothers(speaking generally) become so twisted is almost impossible to comprehend. It may be the realisation of the -unfair - power they can wield, it may be malicious Solicitors putting devisive ideas in their head. It may be the old addage that 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned....'. Who knows? I don't.
Broken Hearted Dad.