Monday, May 30, 2011

Victimhood, a modern fable.

She wears her Victimhood like a mantle of fine fox fur, complemented by the jewelry of vulnerability, decorated with the finery of poverty.

The sycophants fall over themselves in their rush to her aid, bewitched and bedazzled by such a show so well matched to their ambition, such a wondrous opportunity to exercise their nobility for everyone to see.

With pomp and heads held high they march him through their royal court, glorying in the success of their hunt, the fox run down, the vermin caught.

Nobly, they cut her man down as, with a carefully crafted sob, she gestures his dispatch, “skin him alive, put him in chains, make him work, I want him no more”.

The empress retires regally and puts on her new clothes - the same as the old, but now with one more layer of fur and a bold sash to show her bravery despite all odds.

(In the corner, the only little boy who can say what she’s really wearing, struck dumb by the thought that she might do to him what she just did to his dad.)


Liam's dad said...

I wish I saw your blog or watched the Dr Phil show years ago. You have wonderful resources and links, but more importantly, I can feel the rawness, anger, and pain in your writing. I found this only because I watched a re-run of Dr Phil at 2am when I learned the story about your brother, and the wonderful, long over-due reunion with his sons.

Everyone has a story. Fortunately for me, mine did not last the painful 15.5 years that your family faced. But it would have helped me understand more clearly that I was not alone nor was my situation as bad as things could get. Scenarios are different, but the end result is, the child is the one most hurt--a fact too many forget or do not place enough emphasis.

I wish you, your brother, and all your family a life full of love and wonderful experiences with John's 3 children.

Anonymous said...

Here is my experience with parental alienation syndrome. Disturbing scenes from a marriage and divorce. I hope this video and others like it will help to change our broken family court system.

Anonymous said...

My experience with parental alienation syndrome. Disturbing scenes from a marriage and divorce. The system must change.