Friday, October 07, 2005

Mental castration

A little off the beaten track, I suppose, I found this gem on a Nepalese news web site, an absolutely classic example of the assumption that all society's ills are a result of various failures of, er, socialization. The article actually starts out as an apparently serious analysis of a suggestion to castrate all men and the author does actually point out that this would kinda limit the human animal's longevity as a species. But it's the continued insistence that said human animal learns all of its behaviours on an individual basis that gets me. Perhaps we could arrange for a massive airdrop of Steven Pinker's The Blank Slate, whaddaya think?

But that said, it finishes with "We need to learn that god meant both sexes to be equal and co-exist peacefully. The negative feedback regarding women must be erased forever. Give equality a chance, at homes first". Well never mind the implication that negative feedback regarding men is apparently not relevant, but yeah, let's give equality a chance in the home, eh...?

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sue said...

castrate all men? What in the HELL were they thinking? ::rolling eyes::

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