Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A parental alienation surivior speaks.

The text below was submitted anonymously as a comment to my last post. I put it here as an object lesson (my emphases):

I faced [parental alienation] too. My mother tried to convince me I was molested in order to take my dad to court. I almost bought into it because I was very young and believed my mother, but I never had any memory of anything happening so in the end I could not go through with it. Still it took years to repair the damage between my father and I.

She also referred to him as Hitler and literally danced a jig years later when we heard he had a heart attack, while I was on the floor sobbing. She did and said many other horrible things over the years; this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I took care of her when she was dieing from cancer, and did a damned good job, but after she passed I suddenly felt nothing but searing hatred for her. I refused to get her body from the morgue and was ready to see her put in potters field. Her family took care of it eventually.

I've struggled with the hatred and it's ruined my life. I haven't had a relationship with a woman in years and don't plan on it. I'll probably die alone with no offspring and that's probably for the best, considering I could never trust a woman.

Mothers who do this do not care AT ALL about the wellbeing of their children, whatever justifications they make, and should be prosecuted as child abusers.

Thank you for trusting us with your story, sir. I wish you everything great in life that might possibly compensate you for what you have gone through. There are women out there who can be trusted and know how to behave honorably. Do not let the past sins of others cost you what happiness you might stumble across one day.

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