Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Who's afraid of Naomi Wolf?

Far be it from me to take sides with a full on feminist, but I was intrigued to note while reading Naomi Wolf's eloquently paranoid column "Fascist America, in 10 easy steps" that many of those steps can be applied to the process of removing a parent from a family and persuading society it's OK:

"1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy."

Domestic violence - the spectre of the abusive spouse is omnipresent within and without every family, we're all terrified by it, and see it everywhere, even in Mary Winkler's white platform heel. Shudder. Child abuse? Don't even think about holding your kid's hand in public, dude.

"2. Create a gulag."

Deadbeat dad? Go to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. She says you hit her? Oh dear, we'd better put you away then. G'night.

"3. Develop a thug caste."

Ever had a cop scream in your ear in self righteous rage for even daring to suggest you might not be the bad guy she says you are?

"4. Set up an internal surveillance system"

God help you if you lose your temper and leave an irate phone message for your daughter, eh, Alec?

"5. Harass citizens' groups"

When did NOW last have a good word to say about any men's or fathers' rights group? They're proof of the evil of the patriarchy after all.

"6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release"

Can you say "must arrest policy" or "temporary restraining order"? I knew you could.

"7. Target key individuals"

If you've ever been on the receiving end of what the family court can dish out, then you'll know what being targeted feels like, and you're certainly a key individual for whoever's behind it.

"8. Control the press"

Yeah, what did happen to Glenn Sack's radio program? The BBC, feminist? Naw, it can't be! But when did they last report on progress in fathers' rights, or lack thereof? Across the pond, how many of you lot know that a couple of purple superheroes scaled the Lincoln Memorial a few weeks ago?

"9. Dissent equals treason"

'Ever tried to argue that the occasional accusation might be just a tiny bit untruthful to a bunch of DV victims' advocates?

"10. Suspend the rule of law"

"The best interests of the child" has long since ceased to mean what you'd think it would mean. Then there's those TROs and must-arrest policies, eh?

Hey man, I mean, like, I'm just sayin'...


Anonymous said...

This Post is right in the middle, i am seriously thinking about giving flyer.

How to reach those Mangina ?

GEEZ !!!!

Anonymous said...

So true. Political windbags that don't address the injustices against men in family courts are phony posers.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I knew about the purple guys!

...but only because I read about here first and watched for it on the news...heh heh

It's scary how similar the family court systems are to terrorism.

Hawa Bond said...

Wow. You provide an excellent description of the parallels. Scary.

Pumpkin said...

That is incredibly scary actually.....maybe there's a 'one-size-fits-all' thing going on here......either way, succinctly put sir!!!

Boris Epstein said...


Only I don't find Ms Wolf to be paranoid in the least.