Thursday, August 31, 2006

Nothing to do with fathers' rights

Over at Gonzo's bar and grill, I found that The Gonzman is all worked up about some woman. Intrigued, I went and looked. Hmmm. Here we have a woman who thinks she's a catch. Well, good for her. Her criteria are that (she says) she's slim, attractive, young, intelligent, educated, solvent, horny and likes things that men like. Really, that's what she says. Hmmm. She preceded this list with an acknowledgement that what she says sounds arrogant and continues her post with a lot of things that are arrogant with, for example, the suggestion that any men pursuing her that she considers out of her league should go and find a fat single mother to date, or even a woman from a third world country. Charming.

Hmmm. Charming. Now there's an interesting word. There's nothing charming about her post, and yet I would have considered that fairly high on the list of characteristics for someone that I wanted to spend time with, that they could be charming. Indeed, personality is generally fairly important to consider when selecting company, I guess we're supposed to figure that she's absolutely loaded with personality from the general content of her post. Well, I guess, then, that I should be more specific about what I mean about desirable personality.

The real reason for her post, however, is not anything to do with dating tips as it pretends to be, but is to be found here. That is, it is cheap sensationalism. She reminds me of that slinky blond loonie-right-winger who thinks Intelligent Design is an intelligent option. She doesn't really have much to say. Indeed, she doesn't really believe what she says, but she wants as many people as possible to read it. And here I am linking to it. Sigh.

Sometimes, I get depressed at my relatively low traffic count (but I'm actually not doing all that badly compared with Ms Mackie, Paisley, Passey, whatever, before this stunt). Maybe I have to write something irritating and superficial to get the hits up. Er, er, er, damn, I can't think of anything. Too interesting and profound for my own good, I guess...

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