Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Books that don't exist

I read an unfavorable review of "Are Men Necessary" and started poking around a little on Amazon.com and without any difficulty found a plethora of female-positive, male-negative books. Of course, I have seen this before, but then I remembered my "gender-switch" game and decided to apply it to some of them. The results are below, together with the links to the books from which they are derived (don't worry, I make no money from these links). Perhaps this will stimulate some thought - if you saw such titles in a bookshop, what would you think?

Are Women Necessary?

Let's Face It, Women Are $$#%\›$: What Men Can Do About It

Bastard: In Praise of Difficult Men

The Natural Superiority of Men

Ditch That Bitch: Dealing With Women Who Control and Hurt Men

Why Does She Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Women

No Visible Wounds: Identifying Non-Physical Abuse of Men by Their Women

Anger Busting 101: The New ABC's for Angry Women & the Men Who Love Them

How to Spot a Dangerous Woman Before You Get Involved

When Women Batter Men: New Insights into Ending Abusive Relationships

Nasty Women (actually, this one really does exist)

Christian Women Who Hate Men

Women Who Hate Men and the Men Who Love Them

Keeping the Faith: Guidance for Christian Men Facing Abuse

Feminist Perspectives of Husband Abuse

Rethinking Violence against Men

Men and Female Violence: The Visions and Struggles of the Battered Men's Movement

Lifelines: Men, Female Violence, and Personal Safety

Battered Men and Feminist Lawmaking

Battered Men in the Courtroom: The Power of Judicial Responses

Battering of Men: The Failure of Intervention and the Case for Prevention

Surviving Domestic Violence: Voices of Men Who Broke Free

When the Woman You Love Treats You Like the Man She Hates: How to Deal With Abusive Behavior from Those You Love the Most

Intervention for Women Who Batter: An Ecological Approach

Diary of a Crack Addict's Husband

When Battered Men Kill

Convicted Survivors: The Imprisonment of Battered Men Who Kill

Fighting Back: A Battered Man's Desperate Struggle to Survive

Battered Man

Shattered Dreams: An Abused Husband's Escape to Freedom

Dear Jane: Love Letters and Lessons Learned from the Husband of an Alcoholic

The Ones Who Got away: Men Who Left Abusive Partners

It is interesting that, having made this list and the gender switches, I am concerned that some visitors to this site may get the wrong idea, especially after I leave the blatantly misandrist (and now here misogynist) titles behind and start getting into the serious books on abuse. I fear that some might think that I am trying to deny that there abused women and abusive men out there. If you think that, then you have missed my point completely and I suggest you reconsider. If, on the other hand, you think that I am being a pathetic, whiny male in suggesting these titles, consider then your attitude towards the women who buy the real titles to which they are linked and, I respectfully suggest, ask yourself why the difference?

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