Thursday, November 03, 2005

"It was just a silly row"

According to the BBC web site, two male TV stars have been belted by women today. Both women were arrested and freed without charge. What got to me was the quote from the one who had split her husband's lip (a newspaper editor no less): "It was just a silly row which got out of hand."

You committed domestic violence you stupid cow! How about a little contrition, huh? Sheesh.

Think about it, "it was just a silly row that got out of hand". How many men would that excuse having split their wive's lips? Imagine if, let's say, Tom Cruise belted his beau and said that. Imagine, ladies who might be reading this, if you were nursing a nice fat bruise and your significant other had said that. Imagine, men who might be reading this, trying to get away with blatting your woman good and hard then excusing yourself with "it was just a silly row".

Can you say "double standard"? I knew you could.

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