Thursday, November 10, 2005

George Rolph, The Anatomy of Abuse

A four-star article on abuse from George Rolph.

Some excerpts (my emphasis):

Abusers are often deeply selfish individuals who live in a “me me” world where only their own feelings, needs and desires are important. When the abuser expresses love for the victim it is often not because they feel that love, it is often because they want something from the victim that threats will not get them.

Some abusers will abuse others by proxy and this seems to be a predominantly female trait. ... men who have been beaten up by other men when their abusive female partner has told another man that her victim had expressed a desire to sleep with the attackers infant child ... making false allegations to family members or the state authorities in order to have someone else attack or arrest the victim. ... to withhold contact unreasonably from a parent with his/her child. In such a case, the abuser is using the state apparatus to continue abuse after the relationship has ended. This constitutes abuse of the child concerned and the adult denied contact. I also consider false rape allegations that can utterly destroy a persons life to be abusive behaviour that is all too often unpunished by the state.

Misogyny ... criticising female behaviour is not the same as hating females. An important distinction needs to be made between the two for any rational debate on these issues to succeed.


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Keep up the great work. Education of the people is the only way we are ever going to beat what is going on with men and fathers being constantly put down. Exposing the lies and giving the other side of the story are vital in our fight and what you are doing takes the initiative away from the media and hands it directly to the Internet savvy public. One of the biggest dangers to the truth is radical feminism. Exposing their lies is also vital.

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