Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Fathers rights dead in Albany

Well, so much for parental alienation awareness day which was celebrated in New York by killing a bill to give fathers greater rights of custody which was rejected by a 12-4 vote and law continues to enshrine parental alienation.

The usual idiocies are argued - that: "there is nothing in law preventing parents from making any arrangements they want to", yeah, right, except that the non-custodial parent must toe the custodial parent's line. But what's sauce for the goose is obviously not sauce for the gander as "Oftentimes, it's the abusive parent who wants to impose joint custody on a woman ... so that they can maintain control over that woman, power over the children," Which is argued on the basis that many (how many?) court fought custody battles involve allegations of domestic violence and abuse. In the usual inversion of the normal process of justice, the report more or less explicitly says that a purported victim shouldn't have to prove the incident(s) had taken place, just an accusation is enough.

Why does it not occur to these people that this line of argument opens the door to abuse of the non-custodial parent through false accusations. They seem to live in a fantasy world where the custodial parent is above reproach and the custodial parent beneath contempt. If the camp in defense of the bill made this point, it wasn't reported here.

Of course, NOW harpie Marcia Pappas gets in a little brown-nosing: "The intelligence of the Legislature certainly came through in that committee meeting (Tuesday), and we're very proud to know that they've done the right thing". I'm sure they're tickled pink that you're proud of them for this Marcia, I can almost see you preening eachother, they must thing the sun shines out of your nether regions or something like that to have swallowed your drivel.

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