Wednesday, April 26, 2006

From debtor's prison to slavery, but it's rehabilitative!

I found this on ifeminists: 'Seems that in Richmond, Virginia "nonviolent inmate volunteers [will] work to repair code violations that property owners refuse to fix". Interesting, law-breakers working to help other law-breakers avoid their responsibilities. They will be "mainly men in jail for failing to pay child support". Ah, law-breakers in jail for avoiding their responsibilities working to help other law-breakers who are not in jail to avoid their responsibilities. It all makes perfect sense. Neat. Tidy.

It goes on, apparently "It's rehabilitative. We hope to get with the city, if some show promise, to get an opportunity to get a job when they get out." Ah, so the law destroys their lives then tries to give them another one in return. Nice of them.

The only vote against this nice little earner was from some good citizen who didn't want to see the dirty little inmates competing with private enterprise. Are there actually any people down there?

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