Monday, April 17, 2006

A lawyer who feels bad...

Woah! Dig this. An ex-lawyer wringing his hands over the depravity of family courts. A Christian no less, who thinks "humanity is a huge waste of flesh" and "making a $100,000 a pop ... softens the blow of splitting up a family" (athough, to give him credit, he's not talking about himself in the latter). Overall, I think he thinks he's showing some conscience over the awfulness of the whole thing, but as far as I can tell, he's just another Pontius Pilate.


Anonymous said...

Then you have completely misread what I wrote.

First of all, I am not an ex-lawyer.

Second, my post spoke about family law practitioners looking haggard and mierable under the stress of watching families disentegrate. At no point did I express any pleasure in that fact.

Third, the "$ 100,000 a pop' quip was directed at a law professor who became wealthy as a divorce attorney and seemed quite pleased with herself.

Finally, my post was an attempt to look honestly at the nasty world of family law. I talked about how the rotten things family members do to each other can destroy one's faith in humanity.

your insult of being being a Pontius Pilate is ignorant, insulting, and out of line. i suggest you actually read posts before shooting your mouth of at things you obviously do not understand. We will all be better off for it.

John Doe said...

Whups, you got me on the ex-lawyer thing. I misread your profile.

However, I put it to you that you are not actually looking honestly at the nasty world of family law. If you were, you would have something to say about the flaws of the system as well as the bad behavior of the people who get caught up in it. Instead, you imply that all the fault lies in the litigants, you stand over them in judgement without attempting to understand what might be going on from the human point of view.

As for the Pontius Pilate thing, it is not ignorant, nor out of line. I may grant you the "insulting" bit, mildly, depending on how objective you are about the meaning of the bible. Pontius Pilate saw a nasty situation and thought he could get away from the whole thing by washing his hands and leaving the rabble to make their own decision. He didn't so much condemn the accused as judge the rabble and their victim as a whole and dismissed their problems as beneath him. As such, he allowed the crime to be committed when he could have taken a stand for justice, if he had bothered to try a little harder.

As for my understanding, I have had more than your three years of the worst kind of education in family law. I am an intelligent, educated man and I know a badly designed system when I see one.

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