Thursday, May 04, 2006

I have to pay her how much...???

ABC touts the $134,121 pa housewife salary, and puts it all in perspective...

Some quotes:

"They'd just spend it on makeup and shoes anyway."

"Did you know that 76% of all women are battered? And here I am eating all the PLAIN ones!"

"That's an awful lot to get me a sammich and make me a mud hut."

"Have I come to the right thread to be a mysogynist?"

"A study showed that getting kicked in the nuts is actually more painful than giving birth.

         So, should we kick you in the nuts for 16 hours?"

"Wow... The misogyny in here is stifling.
  Silly, misogyny isn't stifling. Catholic School is stifling. Misogyny is HILARIOUS. "

etc, etc...

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