Friday, May 12, 2006

No sex in California

'Seem's that California is intent on total gender neutrality in its schools. Much of the reaction seems to focus on collisions between the right's "family values" and the left's "gay rights", but what I'd like to know is how on earth they're going to teach sexual education or, for that matter, any biology at all if they're not allowed to use any "sex-specific terms" in their textbooks? I mean, wow...

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Masculist Man said...

Kuehl is a lesbian and she is going to shove the gay agenda down the throats of Californians whether they like it or not. The legislature is controlled by Democrats as most of the population of California are Democrats. Schwarzeneggar has called these same Democrats "girlymen" and it fits them well. Let's hope he vetos this sucker when it hits his desk.

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