Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Plugging Glenn Sacks

Glenn Sack's latest newsletter comments on a wide range of things of interest to fathers (and, for that matter, mothers). I was amused by the cartoon which, to my astonishment, appeared in the Albany Times Union and nicely complements the NY Assembly's commitment to democracy, in the words of a member, to a suppporter: "While I have seen many letters in support of this legislation from all around the country, my office has received few letters in opposition." so they blocked it anyway...

There is some good news with the Chicago courts doing the right thing with regard to yet another international child abduction. The article notes that such cases grew by 69% last year.

Glenn also has a good go at parental alienation supporter, Trish Wilson. This children's rights opponent has been spreading her poison for a decade now and quite frequently gets caught distorting or even inventing "the facts". In this case, she so blatantly misrepresented something Glenn said that she was forced into a public retraction. But she went on to unsubscribe from the email list where she had posted her lies because one of the other subscribers was honest enough to pass them on to Glenn. 'Speaks volumes...

Back to the Albany miscarriage of justice, I was particularly struck by a mother's letter to the Assembly who committed the outrage:

"I'm the mother of 3 boys as well as stepmother to 3 more children. When I was 9, my parents divorced. The man I so admired, my dad, was treated so low class that he was unable to have any say at all about his children. Convicted felons had more rights and control over their lives than my dad was afforded when it came to his children.

"My dad was a very active parent before the divorce. So active, that I completely credit him for giving me the tools I needed to make me a good person and the tools to raise my own children. I actively saw my mother literally play act the victim. I guess she thought we wouldn't remember what she did to actively hurt him any way that she could.

It was good to read this for the simple reason that it can be very hard to find adult opinions which speak from the experience of the child. I don't know why this should be so.

Glenn's newsletter is very good, I recommend a subscription.

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