Thursday, September 04, 2008

Here we go again

Women who kill are ill and need support. Men who kill are simply despicable and deserve nothing.

Women who kill are depressed and we let them down by not being there. Men who kill are just crazy and no-one could have seen it coming.

Women in trouble are there through no fault of their own, they need understanding and nurturing. Men in trouble have only themselves to blame, might be dangerous and should be contained and controlled.

It never seems to occur to the writers of these articles that their double standards have a whiff of self-fulfilling prophecy about them. That a woman knows society will react sympathetically to her problems and so is less likely to react with obvious destructiveness. That a man knows society doesn't give a damn, will spit on him when he lands in the gutter and so might react from rage.

(Never mind the specious claim that women turn their troubles inward but men turn them outward. Then explain the fact that male suicide is several times more prevalent than female.)


wolfboy69 said...

It never fails to amaze me how boringly repetetive articles like this are. Men are brutes, women are saints. Of course, the author figures this is all about keeping everything from creditors. No knowledge of personal family issues, which certainly could contribute.

If the police are continuing the investigation, would it be possible that there are other factors involved. I doubt that they would continue investigating, if it was that open and shut.

DF - Thank you for continuing your fight, even if you must do it anonymously. For those of us with an ounce of compassion, we understand why you are anon, and wish you the best of luck in your struggle. Please keep up your great work.

Anonymous said...

First off, I've read many,many of your posts and enjoy your writing. I've not commented because, honestly, I just don't know what to say. What you have been and are going through pisses me off so much I can't express it, but I'm not the least bit surprised. Secondly, thirdly, whatever....
Oh please! Women who commit these crimes are every bit as cold, cruel and calculating as the men who do. I suspect some women are even more so.
Being a woman myself, I can't tell you how many times I've sat with and around other women as they schemed to get what they want or to plan a punishment for someone else.
A woman who commits a horrible crime is encouraged by their legal council to play the sympathy card and in some cases to exaggerate or even make up mental illness or past trauma. Some men who actually do have a mental illness or past trauma are told not to even bother.
Divorced or divorcing women are the "best" at it, if you can call it that. No, I'm not at all saying that every divorced or divorcing woman does this. There are plenty of women who don't and put their children first.
The ones that don't, however...
How many times I have heard some of them say "I'll just do; I'll just say...No one will believe him."
A dear (now deceased) uncle (married to my dad's sister) had a strained relationship with his daughter when she was an older teen and young adult. She finally told him she resented the fact that he didn't pay his child support as directed after he was divorced from her mother. Luckily, he saved every bank statement and cancelled check and was able to prove the mother wrong. Although my uncle and his daughter reconsiled(sp?) she expressed such guilt over the lost time at his memorial service.

tkesurvey596 said...

I agree with you completly. I am in the process of getting a divorce from my "wife", who has slandered, defamed, verbally abused, and physically tried to abuse me. Yet she gets all the sympathy from fellow church members. What is worse is that she was diagnosed with Bipolar dis. before we were married, and she quit taking her meds for it. I am so worried that she might accidently hurt our children. I expressed this sentiment to the Church pastor, who talks a good game, but has done nothing to help. She believes "God healed her" and she does not need medication. I have hardly seen my sons in 8 months. I tried to stay with her because of them, but she fabricated a story about drug abuse, and convinced my mother-in-law of this. She has kicked me out of the house, yet I am paying the house note to keep from upsetting the children. She was married before, for 2 years, and we have been married for 5. For all the stats people, how about stats on abusive women, who hold the children hostage from the father? How about women who choose to destroy 3 lives, and are a real danger to the children in thier care? I have had nightmares about what happened to the Yates family in Texas. I wake up scared to death my wife will, in a manic episode hurt one of my children. Yet because I am a man, there is no compassion, nor justice for me and my children. I am hoping to ask the judge for a psychiatric evaluation for my estranged wife, if I have to, I will agree to one as well. She even tried to call the police to arrest me at my own house. She has bounced from job to job, and blames me for everything. It takes to people, committed people, to make a marriage work. I feel terrible for my children though. They are eventually going to pay a higher price than I am. All I can do now is try to be a loving father to them, and show them that I really love and care for them. This is the hardest thing I have ever gone through in my life. I would not wish this on my worst enemy. All I can say is don't give up, believe it or not, your children are never better off with out you. I believe that, in the end you will prevail, and I will to.

Anonymous said...

Men who kill obviously have a bitch of an ex wife!

Anonymous said...

I have gone through and continue to go through all of the craziness that goes with a really nasty divorce: restraining order, supervised visits, false allegations, expensive legal bills, etc.

The two supervised visitation arrangements that my ex and I had both ended after eight months due to my ex excoriating the supervisors for treating me like a human being.

I am at the point where the thought of another supervised visit (at $65 an hour) makes me wanna puke.

I won't do it, even if it means not seeing my 2 daughters (who live like ten blocks away) for many years.

You know what I'm saying?

Great blog!

Hawa Bond said...

Greetings! I haven't been by the blog in a long while, and I'm happy to see you're still writing. I'll swing back through and catch-up on all the new stuff.

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