Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Character lynching

A phrase popped into my head the other day: "character lynching", for what is done to a man by a false accusation of domestic violence, child abuse or rape. Character assassination is the deliberate trashing of someone behind their back, but it's usually not more than unpleasant gossip. A false accusation via the courts, however, involves dragging in society at large to do your dirty work, egging on the mindless mob to destroy your target and that seems more like a lynching to me. Shrug.


Anonymous said...

I like it!

Anonymous said...

While I indentify with your cause I don't appreciate you injecting into the conversation immediately that a lot of us are sitting on our "complacent backsides"!This is the first thing that turns me off about father's rights movements.When I really needed someone to talk too,all father's rights movements ever wanted to do was try to get you to donate to them!Movements just don't know that money is what all the injustice is about anyway.It can always can be traced back to money.Father's rights are always directly tied to money.I've worked hard all my life and paid child support and I was completely disrespected by society as a result...They couldn't care less about children or justice,just money with which to control others.By doing the right thing to start with,you can forget justice and your children.The courts are a useless thing for the ones who don't intend to do right to start with.In my experience so are father's rights groups:"Just give us what few pennies you have left..."Nobody helps the goose which lays the golden egg.One day the rest of you will pay.

wolfboy69 said...

Anon - Not trying to pick a fight, or make light of your situation, but before you needed someone to talk to, were you there for those that needed the same thing? I'm not saying that those you approached were right, because they weren't. If you need someone to talk to, my email is Feel free to drop me a line.

One of the most interesting facets of human nature is the "it can't happen to me" syndrome. Few will worry about a cause, until it directly effects them.

JADF - Just thought you might like to share this with your readers:

It deals with an ad campaign running on the buses in Dallas, Texas. There has been quite an outpouring of support for it.

Anonymous said...

I last saw my son 365 days ago. In a typical female fashion, she convinced him that I was putting too much pressure on him (expecting him to do his homework). He threatened to commit suicide twice. After spending nearly $12000, I finally decided that I was no longer able to fight a fight which I had no chance of winning. Hopefully, she will stop the manipulation, as it will not be necessary to keep me away from him. Maybe, once he turns 18, he will come to see why I 'abandoned' him, and I can show him the papers where she demanded the court remove me from his life.

I understand the pain that you are enduring, and hope that this makes you realize that you are not alone. One day, we will all understand the plan that God has for us, and will realize that it is true that 'In everything, God works good for those of us who love him.'

As far as this country goes, one fact remains:

Ask any Woman collecting CHILD SUPPORT.

Hang in there. It is always darkest right before dawn.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we all need encouragement and I can just see you, as with may chaps, updating your blog and wondering if anyone is taking any notice.

I am.

Keep up the good work; you are a 'sound' person. Appreciated.