Thursday, September 15, 2005

British men finally get their say

Well, if the International Herald Tribune publishes an article objectively discussing men's rights in Britain without any apparent feminist bias, then things must be looking up. It cites the Neil Lyndon case as a counter example from 15 years ago when a journalist dared to challenge the derogation of men and paid for it with everything he had. I wonder if Robert Taylor of the IHT had to think very hard about submitting his article. Perhaps he has no wife, kids, money to lose. Or perhaps it's really true, the world is starting to recognise that men have a legitimate right to assert themselves even if the feminists don't like it.

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Masculist Man said...

Neil Lyndon is a brave pioneer who was willing to stand up to feminism when everybody else was licking its boots. He may have lost "friends" but they are closed minded bigots who can't face reality (and this is the same thing they accused the right of being)when their sacred cow is being led to the slaughterhouse. I also noticed that a lot of women can't admit they are wrong and do everything they can to cement themselves in their falsehoods even if it means they permenently screw up their lives. I'll say it again: Neil Lyndon is a true hero to men everywhere.

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