Thursday, September 15, 2005 > editorial > Parental Alienation Syndrome Defined in Domestic Violence Terms

Joan Kloth writes about Parental Alienation Syndrome, but I don't need to see a technical term to know child abuse when it's described like this:

"The Alienating Parent willfully and without regard to the child(ren) or the targeted parent's welfare, or the innocent extended families welfare, continually violated their rights and disregarded their needs for a relationship. The Alienating Parent uses and exploits the children. The Alienating Parent isolates the children from a nurturing parent and family. The Alienating Parent denies the children their basic needs of love and belonging from the Targeted Parent. The Alienating Parent thus neglects the children's mental welfare. They rejected the children's and Targeted Parent's testimony of love and need for each other. The Alienating Parent terrorizes and corrupts the children. The Alienating Parent callously puts their own desires, wants and needs above those of everyone else including their own children. This all adds up to one thing, PAS is Domestic Violence in the form of Psychological Maltreatment."

This is exactly what is being done to my child. God, I hope he's OK.

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