Thursday, September 29, 2005

Close to Home

Well, here's one with something for everyone from CBS this winter. A conventionally beautiful aren't they all? prosecutor lawyers are sooo interesting with a perfect conviction record don't they all? against the suburban bad guys only guys are bad, never gals who commit horrible crimes queue the victim pornography and unredeemable bad guy. She's a new mom any bets she's single? and having the baby cost her a promotion of course.

I look forward to the episode where hubby is the victim of domestic violence. And the other where hubby is falsely accused of child abuse to gain advantage in a divorce. I'm actually half serious, perhaps we really will get lucky. Bruckheimer can give us unexpectedly good things. But then, I don't expect to see an episode with a street full of ordinary, good people going about their lives without killing, beating or robbing eachother. That'd just be too much like real life.

(I always thought it'd be dangerous to hang around the likes of Miss Marple, too many people die around her.)

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sue said...

I watch this show, but I do have issues with it also...

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