Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's day news items

A small Father's Day present from the New York Times: Stephen Perrine on what it is to be a divorced dad today, i.e. pretty miserable, and Marianne J. Legato, of the "Partnership for Women's Health" no less, reviews the medical disadvantages of being male, i.e. significant.

Across the pond, however, the BBC finds that the best fathers in the animal kingdom are marmosets (human males aren't even listed), and the Archibishop of Canterbury identifies a role model for the proletariat fathers in David Beckham and for the upper classes the leader of the Conservative Party David Cameron (of course, he doesn't put it quite like that, but hey, a spade's a spade - one wonders at the level of snit one would induce in the female population if one identified motherhood role models on Mother's Day).

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