Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Fathers? What fathers?

I was researching Anna Freud for my next installment on "The Best Interest of the Child" (part 1 here) when I came across the web site of The Anna Freud Center in London which used to be the Hampstead Child Therapy Clinic and Anna's home for some 40 years. I downloaded last year's review which claims: "The Anna Freud Centre is committed to raising standards in mental health care for children and young people. We work to develop new and effective ways to help families with children who are experiencing psychological problems, and translate this knowledge into strategies which can be researched and disseminated." Well and good, I wish them well.

But where they worry me is that this review uses the word "mother" a total of 15 times. The word father is used not once.

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invisibledad said...

Before you get too far, consider how insanely problematic it is to attempt to quantify goodness (what is best?). Goodness according to what standard? Out of how many conceivable standards? Who gets to choose these standards? Why? Consider the relationship between science and values, ontology vs deontology. Is psychology a science or an ethos? Folderol.

John Doe said...

Thank you for your comment, Paterian, I decided to turn my reply into this post.

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