Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tong and Mack

In the immediate aftermath of Darren Mack's alleged rampage, a number of shrill blogs howled that this dealt a mortal blow to Dean Tong. Dean Tong is a survivor of false accusations of abuse and now crusades to help others in the same situation. He runs the "Abuse Excuse" web site and he was consulted on Darren Mack's case.  Various people out there in the blogosphere who seem to have a personal if not vested interest in maintaining the power of false accusation in family courts have been howling that Dean Tong will go down now for his involvement with Mack.  (I won't link to these harpies, I don't want to give them the exposure.)  Anyone with any ability at all to reason critically will realize that this is far from the case and that no professional can be held accountable for the actions of his client, if that were so any number of lawyers, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, etc., would be doing jail time for crimes they did not commit and, much as we might like to see the machine changed, that would be a greater injustice still.

Tong has this to say: 'my opinion is that this "family man turned hit man" was cracking under the strain of trying to hold onto his business, his assets and his daughter while navigating a misguided Family Court system that only poured gasoline on an already incendiary situation.' and decries the potential damage Mack has done to deserving non-custodial parents everywhere.

The real miracle is that so many men stay sane while they are inexorably stripped of their careers, their possessions and their children. 

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