Thursday, June 01, 2006

OK, you open the door for me then.

In the Chicago Sun-Times Laura Berman is not sure if she laments what she thinks might be the death of chivalry, but she's not sure of that either. She provides an example she saw herself: "a man tried to open the door for a woman leaving at the same time as him. She stared at him, not moving. He looked back, arm stretched and holding the door. Eventually he broke the awkwardness and let himself out the door first."

Then she wrote: "I thought to myself, are there really women who don't like to have the door opened for them?" Gosh, it's all very confusing, isn't it? But since she actually saw one, then, yes, there obviously are women like that.

Me? I'd've let the door go and said "OK, fair's fair, you open the door for me then." Any outcome after that could only have been satisfying.

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Cybro said...

I love to jump in front of a female who is going through the same door I am. The just look at me and glare all pissed off. I love it.

John Doe said...

I have to say that what saddens me is the failure of good manners. These do not have to be gender-oriented. There is nothing to stop a woman holding a door open for me. In the example given, the woman was just plain rude. She could have done much better by going through that door held open by the man and later on holding a door open herself for another man to go through and everyone could have been happier instead of one man being humiliated by an obnoxious woman.

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