Friday, September 16, 2005

A victim's victim

Who's the victim in this case? Well, they both are, but he needn't have been if she'd told the truth. She was raped, and that was pretty horrible, but then she violated another, innocent person herself by switching her story and claiming he did it because she didn't like that he had dumped her (the assailant's skin even changed color!). This victim of the victim then spent 8 months in jail.

The victim's victim's comment says it all: "All a woman has to do nowadays is point a finger and say, 'He did it.'"

What I don't understand is how people that do this sort of thing can live with themselves.


sue said...

I agree. Having been a victim myself, I would like to see the proper person punished but I see too often the wrong ones are, or even worse, it wasn't rape and it's just a woman manipulating the situation. It's a very difficult and grey area.

Boris Epstein said...

I am glad to know that that woman is going on a trip "up the river", and probably for awhile, too. Very appropriate.

I obviously feel sorry about her having been raped - but this is no excuse to accuse others (and, I might say, attempt to get them raped by proxy as rapists are prime candidates for becoming "prison bitches"), thwart the law enforcement process and waste societies' resources.

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