Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Lock 'em up, it's the only way to be sure.

A child bringing a lawsuit is always fodder for bored journalists, but in this case, the litigant is 17, so calling him a child is perhaps not according him the appropriate respect. But it was this that really astonished me:

"the American system of school rules seems designed to penalise boys, who must obtain a pass before being allowed to walk the corridors during lessons, while girls are allowed to walk around freely."

The rules seem sexist? 'Sounds pretty black and white to me.

The article finishes up giving voice to some narrow-minded oaf: "Perhaps if Mr. Anglin spent more time teaching his son how to sit down and complete his academic tasks and listen to his teacher, and less time helping him file lawsuits, Doug would perform better in school." It seems to me that in lawyer-happy America, courtroom experience before graduating high school can only be an advantage. They should put it on the curriculum.

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