Thursday, March 23, 2006

"Tragic"? That's not the word I'd use.

OK, so a wealthy, 72 year old man visits a massage parlor, loses what remains of his sense and marries a 27 year old Estonian hooker. She then gets pissed when he won't buy her breast implants, her own hair salon, a GBP 3,000 necklace, a new house, nor a car for her family. Unconsoled by the money sent to her family, holidays abroad and GBP 1,200 of hair appointments in 6 months she eventually pig-sticks him with a kitchen knife.

The BBC calls this "tragic". It's not tragic, it's bloody sordid! The BBC contorts itself horribly in its efforts to show the murderess in some sort of positive light - her photograph is anything but "stunning". She was "disillusioned" and "bored" with his ordinary life, the poor thing. Oh, and of course, she's the real victim having, she claims, been "drugged, raped and forced into the sex trade after dropping out of university." "Forced"? The article finishes up with her admission that she had doubts about quitting that trade to marry the poor sap she offed.

Update: The jury found her guilty, and the judge said: "the only sentence he could pass was life imprisonment but he would not do so until Friday."

Update: The judge sends her down for life, which means 12 years, minimum.

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