Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I find myself still musing on the article I commented on yesterday - the profound superficiality and selfishness it portrays in these "inseminating" women. For much of my life, I've not been one to argue for "traditional values", mostly because the idea is primarily a political canard, but now, cheated of my fatherhood, I look around and have to wonder.

How can fatherhood be protected for my own son in the face of the way the world is changing around us? Can it? Will he end up just a drone, useful only for his ability to make money and sperm? Even for the latter, he'll have to look good in a catalog photograph so that one of these inseminating women will be driven to nudge their girlfriend, point out his image, declare him to be "the one", stick his photo on the wall for a few days to see if they are comfortable with it (it, not him), then decide whether or not to "use" him as a "donor". If he's lucky, perhaps he'll be popular and, like a thoroughbred he'll "sire" many children as he becomes flavor-of-the-month on the mailing lists. Perhaps his sperm will change hands for ever-higher quantities of money and his 15 minutes of fame won't be his at all, but those of his sperm.

As for his ability to make money, well someone, somehow will have to pay for these kids. I wonder what schemes and procedures they'll come up with to extract the money from him and feed it to all the dams?

How too will they cope with all the psychological problems exhibited by the children? We already know that children from families without fathers are more likely to go to jail, commit suicide, drop out of school, become drug addicts, etc, etc...

I keep coming back to the image of the dam weeping over the water-damaged photograph of her donor. That is all she, and her child, have of the father.

How desperately sad.

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