Thursday, March 23, 2006

"We don't get the kids, we get stuck with the kids"

You know, I'd like to lay into Georgie Binks for her article on the CBC website where she puts the blame for absent fathers at the feet of the fathers themselves. This may be true in many cases, but Canada is no great shakes at protecting fathers' rights and allows custodial mothers to mess with them no end. Ms. Binks might want to consider how a seperated father views his chances of maintaining a place in the lives of his children that is at least partially on his own terms rather than those entirely dictated by his ex. (On top of that, she doesn't seem to be able to write - I noted at least two serious grammatical errors.)

But it is the letter at the bottom which really got to me. This is from a man who claims to have been "Family Life Director for the Catholic Diocese of Charlottetown" and it confuses me. I'm not sure if he's asking challenging questions to provoke what he sees as apathetic men into action or if he is trying to claim that men are not relevant to children except as a source of funds. He asks: why fathers? He asks why "writers like Georgie Binks feel that fatherlessness is a problem?" He doesn't offer an answer of his own, but rather only that of a priest friend of his and which is really rather pathetic. What would a Catholic priest really know of a father's role anyway?

The more I read his letter, study its equivocations, its failures of reasoning (fer crissakes, the only thing that men have in common with cheetahs is that they are both mammals!), its overall failure to take a stand at all, the more I develop a strong suspicion that Mr. Trainor is an excellent candidate for the title "mangina". I sure hope that his is the only letter CBC have received in response to Binks' article or else they demonstrate a feminist bias to put that other bastion of state owned broadcasting, the BBC, well and truly in the shade.

Between them, Binks and Trainor encapsulate a revolting example of the kind of incoherent and dismissive feminist misandry which has destroyed many good fathers and dissuaded many weaker men from even trying.


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